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Undergraduate Program

  • The history of the department

           The school is formerly known as Taiwan Provincial Normal School. In the Autumn of 1947, the section of Physical Education was established. In 1961, the school was restructured into a junior college for teacher training, and the recruitment stopped. The last class graduated in 1963, and a total of 14 classes and more than 600 elementary school physical education teachers were cultivated.

            After the restructuring, the school set up the three-year physical education ordinary teaching section (which admits high school graduates), and the five-year elementary school physical education teaching group (which admits junior high school graduates), to carry out a two-year professional physical education knowledge and ability education.

            In 1987, after being ordered to restructure into a normal university, the school set up sports groups separately in the third and fourth grade of the elementary education department, as electives for students. Until 1993, the school was approved to set up the Department of Physical Education. The department implements a four-year professional physical education, and awards bachelor’s degrees. The first class of the Department of Physical Education graduated in 1998. Over 22 sessions of graduates have distributed services throughout the province so far, and the working ethics are well recognized.

  • Objectives
  • Educate excellent elementary school physical education teachers and administrative professionals.
  • Educate physical education and health and leisure related professionals.
  • Cultivate noble morality and good social behaviors, to enhance the quality of teachers.
  • Cultivate thinking and research knowledge, to establish the ability of education (physical education) research.


  • Course Concept

            The curriculum of the department is aiming to cultivate elementary school physical education teachers with morality, knowledge, physical fitness, and sports skills, and becoming modern teachers.

            The courses of the department are divided into general courses, literacy education courses, specialized courses, and professional education courses. The concept of general courses is to improve students’ literacy, such as language, social studies, mathematics, and arts. In order to adapt the needs of the current all-subject teacher plan and the nine-year consistent new curriculum. In terms of professional education courses, it strengthens students' understanding on the basics of education and educational methods. As for the specialized courses, students develop knowledge in humanities, social study, and sciences. In addition, it also emphasizes the basic demonstration ability of sports subjects, in order to cultivate excellent elementary school physical education teachers.

            For students who want to engage in teaching, the department has also designed an education program with 18 credits. Including educational practice and the nine-year consistent teaching methods of various subjects to improve the practical ability of teaching.

            The route 1 courses are for cultivating sports professionals other than physical education teachers. The route 1 courses of our department are divided into general courses, courses in general education, and specialized courses. In specialized courses, it is divided into a sports management group and a sports instructor group. In addition to study 100 specialized courses credits (including a maximum of 12 credits each of cross-school elective disciplines and physical training subjects), there are also 2 credits of professional practice courses in each group to cultivate sports management professionals and sports instructors. Furthermore, the courses combine local folk skills, related sports, and leisure activities, to cultivate sports professionals with a diversified and international outlook by learning sports skills from different cultures.

Graduate  Program

  • The history of the graduate program

             The department was approved to set up in 1993, and aims to educate excellent elementary school physical education teachers and administrative professionals. However, based on international trends and national needs, a special application was made for the establishment of a master’s program. The application was approved and started to enroll students in 2001. The purpose is to integrate sports theory and practice to improve the level of physical education and lay a research foundation.

  • Objectives
  • Integrate related sciences, and educate physical education, sports sciences research, workout promotion, leisure management, and sports administrative professionals.
  • Strengthen the cultivation of academic research professionals, and promote the atmosphere of academic research.
  • Strengthen international academic exchanges, and promote research and development in the academic field of leisure activities in our country, in order to improve the quality of leisure life of people.


  • Course Concept

              Courses in the department can be divided into two fields, sports humanities group and sports sciences group. The sports humanities group mainly focuses on the research of sports humanities and social sciences. Basically, with the goal of cultivating professionals in sports humanities and social sciences research, starting from the study of indigenization and vernacularization, and organizing and establishing a cultural database of Taiwan’s sports. Then move towards the research of Asian sports, in order to achieve international and global research standards. The sports sciences group mainly focuses on the research of physical education sciences. With the goal of integrating sports sciences theory and practice, we expect to set up a foundation of physical education sciences by the development of the school's physical education research, and boost the atmosphere of local physical education sciences research.